My Proposition:

I am looking for partners for my Review-Boy website. The website is set-up to provide the internet with reviews about literally anything apart from gambling, adult xxx, tobacco and religion.

Basically you can review anything like product/s, services, wealthy affiliate, etc.

You get to put your own affiliate links on your own posts and pocket 100% of the profits.

All I want from you is to put your unique articles on my website so it starts to generate traffic.

If we all work together on Review-Boy (the more the merrier), then the website will get busy and we will all profit more out of working together as the more busier a website gets the higher all of its posts will get ranked in the search engines.

I am looking for around 20 of you to private message me and request an author account at my Review-Boy website.

I just launched the website and I want to see just how powerful my WA network really is.

Can you all please work together with me on this project and let's see how well it goes?
If interested, private message me at Wealthy Affiliate (Look for "David Kellas") and we will get talking.